Our Identity

Minnesota’s Rochester:

America’s City of Care and Innovation

Today, Rochester, Minnesota stands as a symbol of hope and hospitality. However, if not for a fateful turn of events, our city may have remained a town focused solely on its agricultural roots. Ironically, the tornado of 1883 changed things forever. The storm that blew so much apart also brought together Dr. William W. Mayo and Mother Alfred Moes of the Sisters of Saint Francis. This fortuitous union put in motion the things that would define the future of this wonderful place.

This is a city built on empathy, raised with compassion and bursting with innovation. For over 150 years, we’ve fostered a culture of positive energy and flourished into something bigger, better and brighter than just another city in Minnesota. The culmination of our achievements is what we share with the world: cutting-edge healthcare, technology, and hospitality.

At the center of it all is Mayo Clinic, the Hope Diamond of our city. This life-changing institution is the driving force of Rochester and brilliantly showcases our genuine compassion for others. Across town, IBM created something called Watson that is nothing short of a vanguard of Artificial Intelligence. And most recently, people here have undertaken one of the biggest economic development initiatives in the country that will add to our distinctive downtown skyline. All this, because of a can-do spirit and an unwavering commitment to innovation that runs so deep not even a twister could carry it away.

This is a city where friends are family and acquaintances are friends. Where kindness and care are more than shared values. Which is why everyone who visits here leaves with good vibes, a full heart and a remarkable experience.

Welcome to Minnesota’s Rochester. Welcome to America’s City of Care and Innovation.