Hotels Near Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic visitors who are selecting a hotel should be aware that Rochester’s Mayo Clinic encompasses two campuses—the downtown campus and the Saint Marys campus—that are located 10 blocks apart.

The downtown campus (Mayo Clinic Hospital—Rochester, Methodist Campus) is comprised of multiple medical buildings (including the Mayo Building and the Gonda Building) that are connected to each other and to many hotels, restaurants, and stores via skyways and underground pedestrian walkways.

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The Saint Marys campus (Mayo Clinic Hospital—Rochester, Saint Marys Campus) is ten blocks west of the downtown campus. The area around Saint Marys Hospital also offers hotels, shopping, and restaurants.

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Please keep in mind:

Although it may be convenient to choose a hotel near the building in which your initial appointment will take place, you may have appointments in several locations over the course of your stay.

Many Rochester hotels offer shuttle service to and from Mayo Clinic buildings. Inquiring if your hotel uses its own shuttle or shuttle services that make multiple stops will help you estimate the time to get to and from your appointment.

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