Which hotels are close to the Mayo Clinic?

The Mayo Clinic downtown buildings have multiple hotels nearby. Although it may be convenient to choose a hotel near the building in which your initial appointment will take place, it is important to understand that many appointments may be made after the first appointment. You may have appointments in several locations.  Maps of the Mayo Clinic campus buildings can be found here. It is also helpful to search for accommodations that are connected to the skyway/pedestrian subway. The skyway/pedestrian subway is connected to Mayo Clinic buildings. Many Rochester hotels offer shuttle service to and from the Mayo Clinic buildings.

What is the subway/skyway?

Downtown Rochester offers above the street walkways (skyways) as well as underground walkways (subways) for pedestrians to safely and easily maneuver between buildings and businesses. The walkways are heated and cooled to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. This allows you to stay indoors no matter what the weather is like outside as well as safely cross busy downtown streets. A map of the skyway and subway system is available here.

Are there hotels near Saint Marys Hospital?

Yes. There are hotels located adjacent to and nearby Saint Marys Hospital. You may view a list of hotels near Saint Marys here.

Do hotels offer shuttle service to the Mayo Clinic?

Many Rochester hotels offer shuttle service to and from your hotel and the Mayo Clinic Gonda Building and Mayo Building entrances. View a list of hotels offering shuttle service to Mayo Clinic here.

Is there a shuttle between Saint Marys and Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic provides shuttle service between Saint Marys Hospital and the Mayo Building.

Is there shuttle service from Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport or Rochester Airport to my hotel?

View a list of hotels that offer shuttle service to and from the Rochester International Airport here.

View a list of shuttle services from MSP Airport to your Rochester hotel here.

Which hotels do you recommend?

All hotels listed on our website have passed inspection by the Olmsted County Health Department and City of Rochester Fire Marshal as well as provided proof of insurance. 

Can my pet stay with me at the hotel?

Yes. View a list of pet friendly hotels here

If you're looking for an overnight pet lodging facility, Leashes & Leads offers boarding kennels, daycare for dogs, recreational opportunities, grooming and more.  

If I fly in, do I need to rent a car?

It is helpful to know which hotel you may be staying at before determining if a rental car is needed. If the hotel is connected to the skyway/subway system or nearby, it may be unnecessary to rent a car if you are capable of walking to and from your appointments. If you decide to rent a car, it is helpful to know that you will need to pay for parking at your hotel when you are making reservations. View a list of rental car companies here.

Which airlines serve Rochester airport?

Daily full-sized jet service is available from Delta and American Airlines with nonstop service from Minneapolis and Chicago.

American Airlines: 800-433-7300
Delta Airlines: 800-221-1212

Do the hotels give Mayo Clinic rates or discounts?

Some Rochester hotels offer Mayo Clinic rates; please contact the hotel for details.

Do hotels offer weekly, monthly rates?

Yes. Most Rochester hotels offer weekly and monthly rates. View a list of hotels here.

Are there hotels with handicap rooms?

Yes. View a list of hotels that are handicap accessible here.

I don't know how long to make hotel reservations for, because Mayo Clinic says it could be 3-5 days?

The hotels in Rochester, MN are accustomed to this and will work with you when you tell them that your length of stay has been changed.

Are there restaurants around Mayo Clinic?

Yes. There are many restaurants to choose from near the downtown Mayo Clinic buildings as well as near Saint Marys Hospital.

Are there grocery stores near Mayo Clinic?

Yes, there are two located near the Mayo Clinic downtown campus:
People's Food Co-op, 519 1st Ave SW, 507-289-9061
Eagle Store, 23 2nd St SW, 507-282-5266, eagledrug@charterinternet.com, candy, snacks, basic items.
MVS Convenience Store, located in the Kahler Inn & Suites, 507-288-1398

What is the difference between Saint Marys / Rochester Methodist / Mayo Clinic?

Saint Marys is a Mayo Clinic hospital that is located 10 blocks west of the Mayo Clinic downtown campus. The area around Saint Marys Hospital offers hotels, shopping, and restaurants.

Rochester Methodist is a Mayo Clinic Hospital located near the heart of the Mayo Clinic downtown campus. This hospital is connected to the skyway/subway system and offers hotels, shopping, and restaurants nearby.
Mayo Clinic is often used as a broad term to describe any building within the Mayo Clinic campus. Mayo Clinic comprises many multiple-story buildings; it is not a single building.

What can I do in my free time?

Rochester offers a variety of options for outdoor and indoor fun. View our Events Calendar or visit Three Ways to Get Sporty in Rochester and Indoor Fun in Rochester, MN.

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