Minnesota’s Rochester is proud to be the home of five out of 11 hotels in the state that have distinguished themselves as LGBTQ-friendly by earning a special designation awarded to hotels that support the LGBTQ community.

The five Rochester hotels that have earned a special TAG-approved designation awarded to LGBTQ-welcoming accommodations include:


TAG-approved hotels must meet these six qualifications:

  • Enforce non-discriminatory policies including “sexual orientation.”
  • Treat heterosexual and domestic partners equally in personnel policies.
  • Provides LGBTQ diversity and sensitivity training for employees.
  • Empower customers and employees to be “watchdogs” of its gay and lesbian business practices.
  • Gives back to their community.
  • Employs staff who reflect the diversity of their community.

More than 1,000 gay-friendly hotels worldwide have received the TAG approval.

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