Heading out for a bite to eat? Don’t leave your pooch behind! Here are five restaurants and cafes in Rochester, MN that offer special treats for your dog:


Dog With Dog Menu Food Item at Smoak BBQ

Smoak BBQ | photo courtesy @dieselandcerbi

There is an entire menu just for dogs at SMOAK BBQ! Bring your pup to the dog-friendly patio and order a dish such as the Bark Bowl (quinoa, roasted sweet potato, carrots, and a hard boiled egg) or the Bone-Appetite (rice, salmon, cucumbers, and a sunny-side up egg). SMOAK donates 5% of items purchased off the dog menu to local animal rescue organizations.


Workshop Food Hall & Bar

Dog eating from food bowl at Workshop Food Hall  Pooch Burger from Workshop Food Hall

The Workshop Food Hall | photo courtesy @princessrandi82

Bring your dog to the Workshop Food Hall’s dog-friendly patio and be sure to order them a pooch burger (an unseasoned hamburger patty) from Murdoch’s Place!


Bloom Acai Café

Dog Bowl at Bloom Acai Cafe

Bloom Acai Cafe | photo courtesy Bloom Acai Cafe

Bloom Acai Café makes healthy superfood sorbet bowls. The restaurant is also dog-friendly, and can make a pup cup with ingredients safe for dogs, like bananas and peanut butter.


Café Aqui

Dogs with Pup Cups at Cafe Aqui

Pup Cups at Cafe Aqui | photo courtesy Julie Nguyen

Dogs are welcome at Café Aqui, which is located inside Sargent’s on 2nd Garden Center.  After you order a coffee or empanada for yourself, feel free to ask for a pup cup for your four-legged friend. You can both head to the greenhouse with ample seating throughout to enjoy your treats.

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