Cauliflower tacos? Potstickers? Kimchi cheesy potatoes? The Hawaillana (a flour tortilla with marinated pork cooked with pineapple)?

The readers of Rochester Magazine voted for their six favorite food trucks:

Bleu Duck TruckThe Duck Truck


Oh, man the brunches. From a food truck. Biscuits and gravy (with lobster gravy). Breakfast tacos. Kimchi cheesy potatoes. From a food truck. Although it’s a Bleu Duck project, so what else would you expect?

Taco Jed's Food TruckTaco Jed’s Food Truck


And it serves as a catering home. So you can bring JED’s mouth-watering, hand-crafted tacos to your special event. Like The Flower Child (cauliflower, pickled red onion, spicy aioli, feta cheese and cilantro in a flour tortilla with melted mozzarella).

Lucy's TacosLucy’s Tacos


Long before food trucks were making local headlines, Lucy’s Taco truck was the well-guarded secret of Rochester’s taco connoisseurs, faithfully serving mouthwatering tacos, tortas, burritos, and quesadillas.

El Samurai food truckel samurai Food Truck

(507) 990-8356

Authentic Japanese Hibachi food, like the Samurai Teriyaki shrimp, chicken, or steak. Oh, and those potstickers. We recommend buying the Yum Yum sauce by the pint.

El Compadres Food TruckEl Compadres Food Truck


The chorizo! The fresh green sauce! The pico de gallo! The Hawaillana (a flour tortilla with marinated pork cooked with pineapple and onions and served with rice and beans)! You can usually find them at 1764 S. Broadway.

Taco MorenoTaco Moreno Food Truck

(507) 358-5986

With a truck bedazzled in colorful string lights and named “La Burra” (The Mule), Taco Moreno has been a shining beacon for Rochester’s late-night taco (and burrito, and bean soup) lovers for nearly 20 years.