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This isn’t your Dad’s burger bar, this is a chef’s burger bar. Chef Justin Schoville was known for his creative Chef Tastings at the former ZZest Cafe. He is also known for his fabulous fried chicken and fine smoked meats at Porch. Next up... the burger. Chef tastings, may be more complicated to make but it doesn’t make them better. Perfecting the burger is actually a difficult task. We all eat them and all have opinions. But, are you mindfully eating burgers? Can you taste the burger, is it seasoned, is the tomato actually ripe and the lettuce crunchy? Does the onion over power or the ketchup have a cheap cinnamon flavor to it? A great burger is a work of art! Hot Chip gets the basic down and it goes up from there. The menu has 17 burgers and though most are beef, there is also a turkey burger, a lamb burger, a tuna burger and a chick pea burger that may push some carnivores to sample the green side. Crispy delicious fries will hang out with the burgers with a little unami dusting. There are familiar and unique sides to swap out on the fries some being a slight up charge. Wings and curds to share, frozen candy bars for dessert. The bar is just as exciting, carefully crafted by Jason Zubay. Adult milkshakes, what, what...? Yep, ice cream and booze make for an amazing compliment to tasty burgers. Familiar beers round out the full bar and of course, a decent wine list. Stay tuned for co/owner Lindsay Zubay’s creative ideas. pssst… she likes Wii.


  • Price: Average price of dinner and a drink: $11-$20