The Experience Rochester Board of Directors has endorsed the renewal of Rochester’s half-percent local sales tax, a critical funding tool for projects that will not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also significantly contribute to the city’s growth.

A renewed local sales tax will infuse $205 million into vital projects, including street reconstruction, flood control, water quality improvements, housing, and a regional sports and recreation facility.

“By supporting the renewal of Rochester’s local sales tax, we are not just endorsing a financial mechanism; we are championing the viability, vibrancy, and competitiveness of our city,” said Experience Rochester Board Chair Jacob Malwitz.

The regional sports and recreation center, funded by this renewal, will elevate Rochester’s status as a regional hub.

 “The proposed sports facility will be a game-changer for Rochester if approved,” said Experience Rochester President Joe Ward. “This facility not only gives us the chance to cater to athletes in our own community, but it will also attract regional events and tournaments, injecting energy and excitement in the city, while significantly expanding Rochester’s visitor economy.”

Since its inception in 1982, the half-percent local sales tax has played a significant role in financing various public investment projects that have improved Rochester’s quality of life and infrastructure.

The complete endorsement letter can be found below.