About Rochester

Rochester, MN: Meet the "Best Small City in America"
Money Magazine said it best, "One thing to remember about Rochester is that it has the sophistication of a larger metro area, but not the congestion or the complications." Named "Best Small City" in America by the nationally recognized magazine, Rochester merges a cosmopolitan atmosphere with Midwestern hospitality giving convention attendees a most memorable experience.

About Rochester
Rochester: 108,992
Olmsted County: 147,066

Time Zone
Minnesota is in the Central Standard Time (CST -6:00 GMT) zone and central daylight time.

Climate and Average Weather
Below is a list of average high and low temperatures throughout the year in Rochester. Learn how to dress Minnesotan here.

January: 21°/3°
February: 26°/8°
March: 38°/20°
April: 55°/34° 
May: 68°/46°
June: 78°/56° 
July: 82°/60°
August: 79°/58°
September: 70°/48°
October: 59°/38°
November: 40°/24°
December: 26°/10°

City, County & State Laws
Alcohol Laws - The drinking age in Minnesota is 21 years of age. Supermarkets and grocery stores sell 3.2 beer. Bars stop serving alcohol at 2:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday, and at midnight on Sundays.

Sales Taxes - In Minnesota you can enjoy no sales tax on clothing, groceries, or medicine. When sales tax is applicable, there are state, county, and city sales taxes to consider when making purchases. State sales tax is 6.875%, Olmsted County (where Rochester is located) sales tax is 0.50%, and the City of Rochester sales tax is 0.75%. The combined total of the city, county, and state sales taxes is 8.125%.

Lodging Tax - A tax of 7% on all lodging and lodging-related* services is charged, in addition to the previously mentioned sales taxes, in the City of Rochester for stays less than 30 days or for stays 30 days or more, if there is no enforceable written agreement that requires the guest to give notice of intent to terminate.

*Lodging related services are services provided within a guest room by a hotel, motel, rooming house, tourist court, resort, or other similar establishment and associated with the use of the lodging facility and billed by the facility.

Smoking - Minnesota's Clean Indoor Air Act with Freedom to Breathe Amendments and Olmsted County's Smoke-Free Workplace Ordinance protect employees and the general public from the hazards of secondhand smoke by eliminating smoking in public places, places of employment, public transportation, and at public meetings. For more information, contact the Olmsted County Public Health department.