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An analysis of the first year of data collected through the ongoing MyRochesterExperience.com visitor survey revealed some enlightening findings about what visitors perceive to be our destination's strengths and weaknesses. 

The MyRochesterExperience.com survey was completed by 1,262 visitors, 58 percent of whom lived 180 miles or more from Rochester, between April 2015 and April, 2016. The survey, which takes one minute to complete, randomly selects six questions from a pool of 60 total questions for each survey respondent. The survey measures visitors' satisfaction with all aspects of their experiences in Rochester.

An analysis of the first year of data identified trends and provided insights on various sectors of the hospitality industry. 

In general, results show that visitors consider Rochester's top advantages to be:
1. Safety
2. Cleanliness
3. Friendliness/helpfulness of people.

Survey respondents indicated that Rochester's hospitality industry workers and residents are knowledgeable, welcoming, and service-oriented. 

Survey respondents indicated that Rochester needs improvement in:
1. Finding things to do. Specifically, respondents noted that they had difficulty determining how to spend their spare time in Rochester. They noted that Rochester lacks an easy-to-navigate central resource for finding out about activities and events. 
2. Ease of getting around.

This and other feedback received from the MyRochesterExperience.com survey will help Experience Rochester MN and the hospitality industry prioritize initiatives and allocate resources to improve visitor experiences.

Training frontline hospitality staff to be better informed about local activities and events is a first step toward improving visitor experiences. Asking a visitor more questions about their interests and circumstances in order to better suggest an activity is another effort toward improving visitors' experiences in finding things to do. Also, ensuring that frontline hospitality workers provide guests with existing lists of transportation providers as well as clearer, more detailed explanations of how to utilize the available options will help improve visitors' experiences in getting around. 

As our destination grows and changes, the MyRochesterExperience.com survey is a valuable tool intended to help our community collect the information we need to provide quality experiences to visitors.

The MyRochesterExperience.com survey results will be summarized and shared with hospitality industry businesses on a quarterly basis. Our goal is to collect 1,800 surveys per month. Please partner with us by encouraging visitors to respond to the 1-minute MyRochesterExperience.com survey!