Retail Standards

The following standards are requested to be met and completed to achieve the Experience Accreditation.


+ Allow access for guests in a wheelchair to maneuver safely around the store.
Unannounced audits by secret shoppers will occur once a year with the intent to focus on the overall guest experience.
Provide prompt acknowledgment of guests and customers.
Respond to all service remark tickets within 48 hours.
Store must collect an average of 10 Experience Dedicated surveys per month to meet the annual  requirement of 120 total completed surveys.
Must complete a monthly Experience Dedicated (ED) score card.



Internet access available for all guest service employees.
Must have a customer service training program.
All employees who work a minimum of 25 hours or 3 staff members must be Certified Tourism Ambassadors.
Store must be within Rochester city limits.
Show record of paying local sales tax.
Clearly post hours of operation on or near the store entrance.
Store must be open to the public for a minimum of 6 days a week and a total of 50 hours a week.
Clearly post merchandise return policy near the checkout and on the receipt.
Clearly posted acceptable forms of payment near the checkout.
Must have a dedicated store web site that contains a postal address, phone number, and hours of   operation.
Store must provide purchase receipts for all goods and services.
Proof of guest liability insurance.
Must have shipping options available to customers.
Must provide general product list to be included in the Experience Rochester MN inventory catalog.


Experience Rochester MN maps and travel planners are available to guests.