The following benefits will be provided to hotels, transportation, retail, and restaurants achieving the Experience Accreditation

+ Recognized as a member of the Experience Accreditation Alliance.
Increased exposure through enhanced online listings on the Experience Rochester web site.
Improve guest satisfaction both internal and external, due to stronger, more knowledgeable and efficient (certified) staff.
Access to attend educational workshops provided by Mayo Clinic and the Rochester hospitality industry.
Enhanced marketing due to the usage of the Experience Accreditation logo.
Receive referrals from other members of the Experience Accreditation Alliance.
Free access to Experience Rochester's API.
Communication regarding visitor and patient trends.
Receive access to a collection of guest feedback through the service remark portal.
Receive an Experience Index report comparing our destination's service to others.


Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program will use only accredited restaurants for program tests with clients.