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Pop's Art Theater and Griot Arts are proud to announce the inaugural year of "Through the Black Lens," an annual program centering on Black voices in film with support from the NAACP of Rochester. Throughout Black History Month, we will be featuring a collection of independent films by Black filmmakers, including:

WATERMELON WOMAN (Feb 2-8) — 1996, the first film directed by a Black lesbian; about a queer video store employee creating a film about a 1930s black actress.

CANE RIVER (Feb 9-15) — 1982, a pioneering portrayal of diverse Black experiences and its significance in American cinema, considered lost for four decades before its re-discovery and restoration in 2013; A racially charged love story in Louisiana.

BLACK GIRL (Feb 16-22) — 1966, regarded as the film that put African cinema on the map and essential viewing from the 60s; A young Senegalese woman works for a wealthy white family in France when their apartment starts to feel like a figurative and literal prison.

DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (Feb 23-29) — 1991, the first theatrically-distributed film by a Black woman; when a group of sisters returns from NY to their home in the Gullah, they view their homelands way of living as backwards.