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Owls have many adaptations for their life in the forest. Totally silent flight, sharp talons, and large eyes set forward make them stealthy hunters. Learn all about these impressive predatory adaptations and the owl species that live in Minnesota. 

The animal residents at Quarry Hill Nature Center are hardworking and with the help of a naturalist love to tell their story. Critter programs focus on the eating, sleeping and survival skills of an animal that calls Quarry Hill home.

The program is held indoors. Enrollment is limited.

  • Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • All ages are welcome to participate. Tickets required for 24 months and older.
  • No pets allowed

Covid Safety: Masks are not required for fully vaccinated participants. Masks are required for unvaccinated participants. Participants are asked to remain at home if showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Quarry Hill Nature Center reserves the right to adjust Covid-19 safety policies.