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In celebration of National Sparkling week (March 15-22) we are thrilled to bring you a night of Caviar and Bubbly!

We are excited to partner with Browne Trading Company out of Portland, Maine. You will have six premium caviars to taste and four selections of bubbles, ranging from Cremant to Grand Cru. Each one of these luxurious offerings will be curated to match the flavors of the caviar counterpart.

Browne Trading has a legacy as the premier provider of fine caviar in the United States. This legacy began with the direct import of caviar from the Caspian Sea, which included wild Osetra, Sevruga, and of course, the famous Beluga Sturgeon Caviar.

As the wild Caspian caviar market became restricted due to the overfishing of sturgeon, Browne Trading turned to farmed alternatives. Working closely with aquacultures and biologists, Browne Trading began importing farmed sturgeon caviar in the mid-2000s.

Working directly with the farms ensures the traceability and quality, allowing Browne to co-brand. Browne Trading is the only company in the United States that co-brands with producers of caviar. We work closely with sturgeon farms in Belgian, Italy, Israel, China, and the U.S.A. Currently they offer Osetra Sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon, hybrid Sturgeon, and American White Sturgeon caviars.