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>> You can sit at home tonight and watch a Netflix Stand-up Comedy special, or you can come out and see what LIVE Stand-up Comedy is all about. The ALL ABOUT part is what Benny Quash brings to the stage. He may not have a Netflix special but what he does have is a talent at bringing you a show that you cannot see anywhere but the live stage. Benny hails from the Midwest and has traveled and toured all over the United States and Canada. 

>> Logan Nielsen dabbled in TV news and marriage before finding his way to stand up comedy. He has become a fast rising comic in the Midwest, winning over audiences with his relaxed style and infectious energy. His comedy focuses on true stories told through a lens of silliness to create a delightful blend of autobiography and absurdity. Logan is a veteran of Chicago improv and is also an actor, filmmaker, dog owner, costumed vigilante, and adult (sort of).