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FATHOM LANE | Over the span of three critically acclaimed full length albums (2017's 'Asilomar', 2013's 'Fathom Lane' and 2012's 'Down By Half') Fathom Lane has been getting international attention for their wonderfully indefinable sound. Michael Ferrier's songs are at once accessible and memorable, but are also sneaky with their quietly innovative touches. Ferrier cites classic touchstones such as The Velvet Underground, Tom Petty, Gram Parson's "Cosmic American Music", and the Laurel Canyon songwriters, but even with these influences Fathom Lane manages a contemporary sound.

ANNIE ENNEKING | Annie Enneking is lover and a fighter. She writes songs about having a body at a particular place in time. She fronts and founded the searing, mischievous rock band Annie and the Bang Bang, and, as a more mellow, acoustic-based singer-songwriter, gets to the dark heart of the matter on albums like what "i want now i will want later" and "Lyndale & 24th", where everything is spare and true and hurts just right.