Looking for the best spots for ice cream in Rochester, MN? Rochester Magazine readers voted for their top 5 favorite places to get a scoop and the results of the editors taste test are below. You don't have to take their word for it; try them all and choose your own from this complete list of sweet spots in Rochester, MN.

The winner:


Cool tidbit: Flapdoodles’ new Ice Cream Truck will be downtown this summer.

What the editors got: Cookie Monster ice cream. (pictured above)

Ice Cream Flight at Flapdoodles in Rochester MN

Ice Cream Flight | AB-PHOTOGRAPHY.US

Dairy Queen

Cool tidbit: The “curl” on top of the soft-serve is considered a DQ trademark. Like a ‘Q.’

What the editors got: Chocolate Frappe (vanilla soft serve blended with rich cocoa fudge and ice).

Dairy Queen Shakes available in Rochester's Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen | Rochester Magazine

Cherry Berry

Cool tidbit: Minnesota has the most Cherry Berrys of any state, with 16.

What the editors got: Mint yogurt with Oreos.

Cherry Berry's Mint Yogurt with Oreos in Rochester MN

Cherry Berry | Rochester Magazine

Carroll’s Cup

Cool tidbit: 1. Choose your favorite yogurt or ice cream flavor(s). 2. Choose your favorite topping(s). 3. Set it on a scale. 4. Pay.

What the editors got: Mint chip and cherry chocolate ice cream. In a cone. (Yes, Carroll’s Cup sells cones.)

Mint Chip and Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream at Carroll's Cup in Rochester, MN.

Carroll's Cup | Rochester Magazine

Cold Stone Creamery

Cool tidbit: 30 years. 1,000 locations. And they want your visit to be a “10-minute vacation.”

What the editors got: Strawberry Blonde Sundae in a cone bowl.

Cold Stone Strawberry Blonde Sundae Bowl in Rochester, MN.

Cold Stone | Rochester Magazine