A safe city and home to 100,000 residents, Rochester, Minn. is a trusted spot for child and teen athletics. Families and young hobbyists are drawn in by the welcoming atmosphere and at home feel of the mid-sized city. The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission builds a reputation for athletic competitions by using the safe, healthy and friendly vibe.

Once Mayo Clinic doctors leave for the weekend, national student-athletes arrive to participate in an array of sporting events. The range is immense; basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, wrestling and football to table tennis, tug-of-war and dart competitions are all hosted by the RASC. All ages and all regions visit Rochester to become champions in their sport. 

With age comes wisdom

Rochester Amateur Sports Commission was created in 1991 in order to bring in national and international sporting events. Nearly two decades of experience have made Rochester the model location for amateur athletics. The commission competes worldwide with similar institutions and establishes itself as the premier organization.

Recently, the National Association of Sports Commission has named Rochester Amateur Sports Commission as the Member of the year. After being founded in 1992, the NASC oversees the business operations is 300 cities across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Rochester was selected out of over 500 organizations because of the outstanding impact on the local community.

Judges chose Rochester because of the events that have been brought to the city, the size of the events and the economic impact of the industry. The RASC clearly leads the nation and has a vision can be adopted by other amateur sports commissions.

"There is a huge benefit in working with the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission," said Annette Olson, event coordinator and owner of Northland Youth Wrestling Association. The NYWA has hosted the annual wrestling state tournament at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center for the past 15 years. Thousands of high school age students gather to compete in freestyle wrestling.

"Not only does the RASC help us book hotels, negotiate contracts and find us a facility, but they will do anything to help," said Olson. "We will never switch locations, the RASC knows how to work with us, they anticipate our needs and remember what we want."

A national ranking organization with a strong history hosting athletics; sporting events need look no further. Rochester has worked with a variety of organization and hosts hundreds of events annually. Over 15,000 families visit Rochester every month for championships, tournaments and games.

In 2010-early 2011, the RASC will host the USA Weightlifting Juniors National Championships, NJCC Division III Basketball National Championships, Minnesota Swimming State Championships, NVWA State Wrestling Tournament and NJCAA Division III Softball National Championships. The 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament, Star of the North Games, AAU Girls Basketball National Championship, Beep Baseball World Series, U.S. Figure Skating Championship and the Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championship will also come to play. These are only a few of the numerous athletic organizations that will bring their student-athletes to Rochester.

Venues for any athletics

A variety of sporting events require an array of facilities to successfully host each event. The city of Rochester is able to have the amount of venues because of the powerful athletic tourism drawn to the area. From hoops to nets, bases to goals, a perfect location can be found within the city limits.

For hobbyists and athletes the City of Rochester Parks Department amenities include; 42 tennis courts, two outdoor pools, 46 ball diamonds, 28 football and soccer fields, 11 basketball courts, 11 sand volleyball courts, an archery range, three cross-country ski trails, two Frisbee golf courses, a running track and seven hockey rinks in the winter.

The convention center and recreation areas for other athletic events can be seen at a larger scale indoors. The Mayo Civic Center has 120,000 square feet of flexible and accessible space for any year round sport. Miracle Field is home to a rubber surfaced baseball diamond for the disabled. Basketball, badminton, floor exercise and volleyball can be played in the specially designed National Volleyball Center. Multiple sporting events can be accommodated simultaneously with the University Center Rochester Regional Sports Center.

The Graham Areas and Olmsted County Fairgrounds feature 22,000 square feet of space for ice hockey events. Spectator sports like swimming, ice hockey, gymnastics, curling, figure skating, basketball, volleyball and soccer flourish in the Rochester Recreation Center. For outdoor football and soccer fields, the Fuad Monsour Sports Complex, Mayo Field and Roy Watson Youth Sports Complex are prime picks for nearly 100 acres of fun. 

"Rochester is home for numerous NJCAA championships," said Mary Ellen Leicht, executive director of National Junior College Athletic Association. By 2014, the RASC will have hosted 37 NJCAA as well as a bowl game. Nearly every sport under the sun has come to play for the title at one of the area facilities. In fact, no other Amateur Sports Commission in the world surpasses Rochester. "Rochester understands two-year college athletics," said Leicht. "They organized each and every event to provide student-athletes with a national championship experience."

Rochester Amateur Sports Commission sets themselves apart from the competition with the acres of grass and square feet of playing space. National events cling to the easy access facilities and central location of Rochester. The market turns to RASC because they have provided services to nearly every type of sport, all ages of competitors and athletes from all regions of the world. Although the vast amount of facilities draws in events, the experience of the RASC is what keeps them returning.

Emerging in a national market

Services offered to incoming events are endless. Board meetings, set-up crews and bringing in coffee, the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission cover all bases. They truly raise the bar and set themselves apart from other commissions. The service they provide to every customer can't be replaced by anything.

"The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission pays attention to little details," said David Smolka, president of National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA). The Beep Baseball World Series will return for the second time in Rochester in 2010. Thousands of fans, athletes and families flock to watch the visually impaired and blind play baseball with sound emitting bases and ball. "The RASC found us online, researched how we play and then came to watch a tournament," said Smolka. "They are more than competent and bent over backward for us because they want us here and to come back. They helped us put on the best event in 30 years."

The RASC helped run the tournament, provided creative assistance for guide dogs, found dining and transportation options for NBBA. "The staff at RASC are just down-home people, they even drove their personal cars to pick up our teams from the airport," said Smolka. "They did more than we expected and we will come back to Rochester whenever possible."

The RASC helped run the tournament, provided creative assistance for guide dogs, found dining and transportation options for NBBA. "The staff at RASC are just down-home people, they even drove their personal cars to pick up our teams from the airport," said Smolka. "They did more than we expected and we will come back to Rochester whenever possible."

Choose the best

Games, tournaments and championships always find their way to Rochester, MN. Athletic event coordinators choose the RASC to help because they are experienced, nationally renowned and offer the best facilities in the nation. The city of Rochester is a clean environment with a deep-rooted medical tradition. Families know sending their children to Rochester for competition is safe.

The national sporting market longevity is infinite with the high standards set by Rochester. Although other entities have challenged the ranks, Rochester pulls through on top with the high service standards, experience and national recognition.