Rochester, MN (August 30, 2018) – Rochester Sports (formerly the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission) will soon have a new leader, with Executive Director Ed Hruska announcing his plans to step down at the end of the year after leading the organization since it was formed more than 15 years ago. 

Hruska, who will be 62 in November, has served as Executive Director since February 1, 2003. An effort to identify a new leader for the organization will soon be under way.

Chris Terry, President of the Rochester Sports Board of Directors, stated that the organization was aware of Hruska’s intent to step down and has appointed a committee to work at hiring his replacement. “Ed has worked with the leadership team to put a succession plan in place. He is working closely with us to assure the organization has a smooth transition to the new director. We are grateful for his leadership throughout the years.”

Hruska took the reins at the Sports Commission in 2003 when additional lodging tax was earmarked to support and increase sports tourism. Since 2003, when the economic dollars from sports were just over $1M annually, Rochester has seen the sports dollars grow to almost $25M annually in 2017 and 2018. “I have been fortunate to be in a position to work with many great people and great organizations – it has been a wonderful experience,” Hruska shared.

Hruska served on both the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission and National Association of Sports Commission Board of Directors during his time in his position. The organization was awarded several national awards including the National Sports Commission of the Year in 2010 and 2015. Rochester Sports now has five full-time employees and a Board of Directors consisting of twenty-seven community members.

In addition to serving as Executive Director of Rochester Sports, Hruska has also been the 1st Ward representative on the Rochester City Council. Hruska is not seeking re-election and will complete his term at year’s end. “It will be an interesting time for me. These two positions have been challenging yet rewarding during my time with both.  I have enjoyed my role as Director with Rochester Sports. I look forward to new opportunities in the future,” Hruska added.

Hruska was asked to stay on in a part-time role with Rochester Sports to focus on sports facility development. “Our Board of Directors has identified the need for more effort in attracting and supporting sports facility investment and development for the future,” Terry said. “We simply cannot expect government to build and maintain the sports and recreation facilities needed for the city, so we hope to leverage and support the private investment.” Hruska will transition into that part-time position on January 1, 2019.

While attracting and operating events over the years, Hruska was also involved in the development of current facilities including the Fuad Mansour soccer complex and RCTC Stadium and Sports Bubble. His organization lead the presentation for sports facility needs during the 2010 Sales Tax extension.

“It’s been a great run,” Hruska shared. “From the early days of the World Tug of War, Clash Wrestling Duals, AAU National Basketball, USA Hockey Junior Nationals and more – I have many fond memories of the events and people who worked to make them happen. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. It is time to move on.”

Terry said the search to replace him will start immediately. “We were prepared for this so now it is simply time to move forward.”