A project to jointly brand the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Mayo Civic Center, and the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission is getting underway this week and is expected to be complete in May.  New England-based branding agency FUSEIDEAS was selected in late 2016 to execute this branding initiative, and representatives are in Rochester this week conducting research and background interviews with a cross-section of project stakeholders and citizens.

The "Rah Rah Rochester: More than you know" brand was developed for the RCVB in 2006 and will be replaced at the conclusion of this branding process. The decision to jointly brand the RCVB, Mayo Civic Center, and Sports Commission was reached because all three organizations recognized the benefits of a unified approach that creates a consistent look, feel, and message for the destination.

 "As our city grows and evolves, telling a consistent story and taking a team approach to selling the city to visitors will help us compete," says Brad Jones, executive director of the RCVB. "The intent is for each of our three organizations to sustain an individual identity that is consistent with the unified brand that is created."

FUSEIDEAS is working with a Brand Task Force comprised of two board or commission members designated by each organization. The Brand Task Force will review key milestones with the three marketing staff representatives and executive directors from the RCVB, Mayo Civic Center, and RASC. Destination Medical Center EDA is also a collaborative partner in the branding initiative.

"We are energized and enthusiastic about creating a new brand that will help position Rochester as a premier destination. All three of the organizations supporting this initiative will benefit greatly from the research that will be conducted with local citizens and visitors to collect their thoughts about our city, and from the campaigns that will be created to help sell Rochester and the Mayo Civic Center as exceptional destinations," Jones says.