Our Commitment to Visitors

Rochester, MN Cares

It doesn’t take long for visitors to discover that Minnesota’s Rochester is defined by its considerate people and outstanding hospitality. This exceptional level of care for Rochester’s guests is the result of several innovative hospitality programs designed to create positive visitor experiences.

By choosing to visit Rochester, you’ll benefit from these initiatives:

Rochester Certified Tourism Ambassador Program

Specially-trained hospitality professionals at many downtown businesses have earned Rochester Certified Tourism Ambassador credentials and can expertly answer questions and provide guidance to attendees.

Rochester Community Hosts 

Community Host volunteers wearing green vests are stationed in areas of high visitor foot traffic and can provide directions and guidance to event-goers.

Rochester Experience Accreditation

Hotels and restaurants are recognized for their commitment to excellence with a unique hospitality industry accreditation. Look for the Experience Accreditation sticker.

Rochester, MN’s commitment to visitors is a major part of our city’s identity. Visit our community to experience an unmatched level of hospitality!